breathe out, breathe in

untitled. 2008 ©salvatore marrazzo

breathe out, breathe in… this natural cycle forms the flow of ki (circulating life
energy in all things).
i live in a house in the woods. my previous house was located in a suburb. i can feel
the difference between an environment filled with an enormous amount of man-made
artificiality and that filled with natural things.
early in the morning, i roam about in the woods with my dog. i inhale the pure
energy of trees and plants into my body. the energy cleanes my body, removing
impurities as i exhale. i can feel this happening.
i have certainly become part of this cyclic process in nature. humans are not special.
trees, grass, soil, birds, bugs… all of us exist as equal on earth. this may be an illusion,
yet it fills my heart with confort.
what we do daily. for instance, speak, sing, draw, and paint, are caused by our
impulse to push out something in our body by breathing out. then, it becomes
necessary to take in something new by breathing in.
yamamoto masao

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